*Time with the Alt. Dr. Eric Afful Mensah* _The Mystery Killer_ ( *ANGER* ) *PART 1*

The Mystery Killer ( ANGER) PART 1 – Alt. Dr. Eric Afful Mensah

Mary came to my clinic with the complaint of _severe headache_ , _chest pains_ , _back pains_ and _heart_ _palpitation_
She has been battling with this issue for about *7yrs* now. Whiles consulting her, I begun asking her questions concerning her life and she started telling me lots of things, she swished to her marriage life small and begun telling me one or two things she’s experiencing, from the children, in laws, and other relatives.
Someone will ask why and how a practitioner should go to that extent with the patient instead of looking into the sickness she brought?
One thing you need to know is, when a patient bring an objectives ( *complaints* ), we diagnosed and our diagnosis goes beyond what a lay person will consider, so to give a complete better treatment. Whiles she was talking, I realized her temper keeps boiling up, I had to look for a way to make her laugh to cool down temper. I then asked her, how often does she get angry, and how does she react or deals with her anger. She _gasped_, was quite, bow her head down for a minute and then smiled. She said “doctor, I must be sincere and confess, my anger is bad, sometimes I don’t eat when am angry, I scream and bleed on anyone I get in touch with”. She asked me, is it normal? For I don’t know but I think it spiritual, she asked. I managed to traced it backwards and realized it has been a bad practice she picked during her tertiary level and that made me understood and known that what she was going was as a result of her anger.

Anger is killing her slowly, it is eating her life up, breaking her immune system down to death.
I started thinking about her and begun asking myself questions : why that type anger, what could be the cause, etc.
I then started to look into anger, and you will be amazed what my search got me. Scary and deadly. Knowing it yourself will help you in a way as I share my findings with you.
Anger is killing many, most chronic and untreated health conditions are as a result, if well traced.

Ones we live amongst humans, and as human being, we will offend each other or create possible occurrences that could hurt and call for the anger of a person. The question is, how do you react or deal with your anger.
“Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility develop towards a fellow. Anger is a common response to frustration or threatening experience. It is a secondary response to sadness, loneliness or fear, however, it can arise out of proportion to its trigger. Getting angry is of everyone, no matter the status or your kind, but allowing it to overshadowing and overpowering your control is what makes it deadly and catastrophic.
Anger produces and destroys a lot of things. The long-term physical effects of uncontrolled anger increases anxiety, high blood pressure and headaches. These and other deadly diseases can erupt out of anger. One will then ask, what are the effects of anger, how do I deal with my anger to avoid destruction, who do I consult when am angry, these and many questions are running through your mind right? In this article, I will answer all those questions. *End of part 1*
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