Time with the Dr. (Eric Afful Mensah ) A Message from the Blue Room FOREPLAY

Time with the Dr. (Eric Afful Mensah ) A Message from the Blue Room FOREPLAY

Many these days are enjoying, whiles others are wailing, lamenting, etc about their sexuality, how fun, joy, boring, painful, dull and passionate it is. These has led many to indulge in different kind of sex or different ways to satisfy their sexual ecstasies. Sex has ruined many relationships and marriages, it has lead people to taking of indecisive decisions which at the end brings a whole lot of confusion and regret. For one to enjoy sex very well, it depends on so many contributing factors, of which one of the most important ones is a Foreplay

A Foreplay is the act which proceeds to arouse one’s sexual feelings or turns a person on for a sexual intercourse. Like: Touching, kissing, licking in a stimulating manner. All these are the acts that goes on to prepare the person’s mind, body, soul emotions etc, before the actual game.
Foreplay must be done slowly with understanding and passion. In the same way, a foreplay must be creative and should be benefited by both sexes/parties. In doing so, it helps each other to identify easily and quickly where the feelings of the partner is located.
During foreplay, one must have a full concentration on the partner and pay attention well to the act in other to get to the climax or orgasm.
Foreplay shouldn’t always take place in the room only or few minutes when sex is about to take place. Someone will then ask, if so where else can it begins from?

Foreplay can also be in a form of sending lovely text messages, pictures and short videos to your partner. And with these, it can be anywhere apart from the Blue room where the match will be played.
By sending those lovely messages, it a way of also preparing ones mind or calling for the will of the person towards the act. But one should consider the period and the location of his/her partner at then moment. By knowing the time and the exact place of your partner, it will help you know which kind or form or loving messages to put across. A check up lovely call or message should first go to know where the person is, what he/she is doing at that moment before those lovely messages be it text or video can go. This is because, if you don’t do so to know, then you straight ahead send those arousing messages, it can steal attention and cause confusion which can bring a disaster or a problem to what the person is doing, or to where that person is at the moment. Why because some people cannot control their sexual happiness when getting into the mood or are in the mood, it becomes so clear that people around can easily see or determine what’s happening, most women especially are culprit to that.


1. Biological Perspective
(i).Enhances the arousal, causing the erection of the Penis and the Clitoris.
Most people doesn’t even know that the clitoris also received erection or must be erected in other to reach orgasm, that’s why it is important to do a foreplay to cause blood to feel the nerves and the tissues to
cause the reaction of those body parts to make the game more fun, exciting and enjoyable.
(ii). Elicits vaginal wetness, making proceeding penetrative sex easier and painless.
Foreplay will cause the woman to wet, the vagina will produce or will secret a liquid that will lubricate the vagina which will make penetration of the penis easier and prevent pains during the act. It will do away of dryness. When there’s dryness at the vagina, it penetration is difficult causing pain and creating sore for both after sex.
2. Psychological Perspective
(i). Instills the feeling of security and causes less vulnerability.
The way one will take time to do the foreplay with passion and understanding makes the partner feel secure and valuable in a sense that, he/she think you’re the best and so he/she is giving him/her the best thing ever of which one cannot get it from any where else. It makes one put out his/her best so to maintain the relationship.
(ii). Enhances the relationship outside the bedroom.
Keeping the fun, joy, happiness and the excitement in mind all the time prolong the love and the affection.
(iii). Release stress and anxiety. This will bring joy leading to having sound mind and emotion free life.

3. Medical Perspective
(i). Helps in proper blood circulation
(ii). Prolong the life span of the heart
(iii). Helps in proper functioning of the brain cells (helps in releasing proper and enough neurotransmitters, producing cerebrospinal fluid which helps in synthesizing brain cells functioning
(iv). You don’t get sore
(v). Helps bring out hidden unwanted bacteria within the walls of the vagina.
(vi). Makes you feel and look fresh and young all the time (anti-aging)

NB :Foreplay helps the vagina muscles to working along with that of the Uterus muscles to push up the womb up a little higher than it normal, opening up more room or give more space for smooth and easy penetration.

Article published by:Dr. Eric Afful Mensah (ALT) Alternative Health Practitioner.
Alpha Homeopathic Clinic

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