The daily actions and inactions of the democracy enemy Nana Addo Dunkwa Akuffu Addo is much convincing that, democracy is in conviction with moral principles.

I’m highly satisfied base on the clueless way of how the NPP administer this country that, God is against democracy.

It is only under the Nana Addo government that democracy is misunderstood by using it as an advantage to encourage same sex marriage.

It is only under this government that democracy is misinterpreted by using it as advantage to accept nepotism as a good practice in governance.

It is only under this government that, democracy is disrespected by always disregarding the minority views, knowing it is the best for the interest of this country.

Nana Addo is using democracy as a slim advantage to remove clean and competent workers from their post.

This government is using democracy as an advantage to amass wealth for their self parochial interests in the expense of the poor Ghanaian receiving treatment on a plastic chair at Kolebu teaching hospital.

This insensitive government is using democracy as an advantage to speak positively about the economy of Ghana knowing it is a blatant lie.

Democracy has given Ayisi Boateng the opportunity to call some Ghanaians more Ghanaians than others.

Democracy has given president Akuffu Addo the chance to call some Ghanaians naysayers as a first gentleman of the land.

Democracy has given Kenedy Agyapong the chance to call our enviable legislative house as a useless institution.

Democracy has NPP hooligans in Hohoe the opportunity to assault NDC youths for putting the NDC paraphernalia on the street without being called to order.

Democracy has given the people of Denkyira obuase the chance to kill a state hero without being dealt with.

Democracy has given Freddie Blay the opportunity to use I’ll comments on ordinary Ghanaians for questioning him on how he bought buses for NPP delegates who voted for him.

Democracy has given Otiko Djaba the opportunity to describe the ex president Mahama as someone who possess evil heart without retraction up to today.

Democracy has given president Nana Addo dunkwa the opportunity to appoint his own daughter to serve under his administration in the expense of ordinary qualified Ghanaian who is suffering from unemployment.

The above and many more are the mess existing in Ghana as the results of the misunderstanding of democracy by the Nana Addo insensitive government.

Ghanaians let’s rise up and take our dear country from this oppressors who are not ready to use power for anything good apart from conspiracy.

Thank you all

God bless Mother Ghana

Abraham Boafo

A concern citizen.


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