I have decided to put together a series on the title, the LONG HAUL. It is to inspire and encourage folks who have started something with a long term benefit but require daily and consistent sacrifice. Those who are not looking for fruits today on seeds they sowed yesterday. It is for those who understand that, all meaningful and lasting success take time to occur and finally for those who desire to make an impact.Take a read!!

Everything under the sun takes time to flourish. The business you have started will take time to rake in the millions you so desire. You may have the best idea but mind you it will take time, efforts, sweat, denials, disappointment and even tears to make your idea work and continue to work.You will need constant investments of resources, you will need to learn to encourage yourself more than you think you can. You will need to deal with hurts, people’s unbelief and rejection. You must be ready to be alone, yes alone!! Not everyone is interested in what you are doing and not everyone will walk that journey with you. You may lose bosom friends and relatives you cherish but you must keep in mind that, not everyone is made for your journey.

Be ready to sacrifice sleep, be ready to work late into the night. Be ready to deny yourself some pleasure all in the quest to work your idea. Don’t give up when you feel like, feeling is fleeting. Learn to discipline yourself, learn to stay committed even when nothing seems to be working. Believe in yourself, that’s more important, always pray for strength to keep on keeping on. It is hard to keep the fire with which you started something, but remember it is okay to feel slow and down sometimes, losing your steam is fine but always remember quitting ain’t an option. No matter how hard or tough it is, don’t enable the QUIT button.

Keep moving and moving, one day it will all add up. Long haul commitments aren’t easy but you have the strength and tenacity to keep moving up so don’t settle.
Always have in mind, God is with you and your dream will only die when you allow it. CHEERS!!
Good Afternoon.

By:Kwame Dzardeh

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