FDA Destroys 4,500 Cartons Of Asahi Mackerel

FDA Destroys 4,500 Cartons Of Asahi Mackerel

The Food and Drugs Authority has destroyed 4,500 cartons of rotten mackerel impounded at Mile 7 here in Accra.

The rotten Asahi Mackerel was imported into the country by Dotsisco Ventures and were in transit to neighbouring Togo.

They were however diverted onto the Ghanaian market and were impounded following a tip-off by some residents.

Head of Communications for the Food and Drugs Authority, James Lartey said the products are unwholesome.

“The documents that we received from CEPS indicate that the products were supposed to be on transit to our neighboring country of Togo but were diverted unto the market, we are destroying 320 footer containers of  the Asahi Mackerel, one container contains 1,500 cartons and each carton contains 60 pieces of the mackerel so in total we are destroying 4,500 cartons by 60 pieces because they are unwholesome they cannot be consumed”.

Meanwhile, the Ashanti Regional Office of the FDA has also impounded some 500 cartons of the Soo Nice Mackerel. The products will be destroyed at the expense of the importer.





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