With indoor and outdoor smart home tech readily available and increasingly affordable, it’s easy to transform your home for festive occasions and holidays. With a little help from mobile apps, you can synchronize spooky Halloween effects with lighting and sound, preparing your home for the candy-swapping marathon ahead.

You’ll find a range of fabulous lighting systems available on the market today, with Philips HueLIFX and others available from big box electrical and home improvement stores. But bear in mind that very few are suitable for outdoor use, so if you want to transform your home’s exterior, you’ll need to do some research up front.

One system to check out is the SYLVANIA Smart+ range (branded as OSRAM LIGHTIFY in some countries), which comprises indoor and outdoor lighting options including standard A19 bulbs, LED flood and spotlights and flexible lighting strips, as well as outdoor garden lights. There are white and color options available, and the choice of hues stretch into the thousands – perfect for holiday lighting.

Alongside its own apps (for Android and iOS devices) SYLVANIA Smart+ bulbs can also be controlled via partner systems such as SmartThings, Belkin WeMo, and the Wink Hub. There’s also voice control support for Amazon Alexa, with support for Apple HomeKit/Siri on the way. So, if you’ve already invested in a smart home system, you may find you can simply add Smart+/LIGHTIFY bulbs to your home without the need for additional controllers.

The $69.99 SYLVANIA Smart+ Gardenspot Mini RGB Lighting Set includes a 14-foot run of nine external RGB lights and an outdoor, wet-rated power supply. It doesn’t include a controller, so if you don’t already own a compatible smart home hub, you’ll also need to add the $29.99 SYLVANIA Smart Gateway Zigbee controller to your shopping list.

The lights themselves are mounted on short, plastic spikes which can be easily fixed into a lawn or flower bed. The cables are flexible too, so the LEDs can be angled toward the house, trees, or ornaments as you wish. If you’re fixing the lights to a deck, steps or another flat surface, you can use a screwdriver to unclip the LEDs from the spike and surface mount.

Need more lights? There’s a GardenSpot Expansion kit ($29.99) which adds another three feet of cable with an additional three lights.

If you’re using the spikes to put your lights in place, you’ll find that they slide easily into a flower bed or the lawn. Plug in, power on and they’ll glow purple to let you know they’re working well.

With the lights powered on, you now need to sync them with your smart home controller. SYLVANIA’s LIGHTIFY app isn’t the slickest smart home software but supports basic power controls, dimming and an RGB color picker.

Go to Devices and click the Add button to launch a device search. The lights should be detected quickly (if not, power them off, and on again to reset connectivity) and can be paired with your app.

As these are RGB LEDs, you can now adjust the lighting palette to find the spookiest hue! Sadly, you can only select a single color for all of the LEDs in the run at any given time, but the lighting is bright and the color rendition is reasonably good too.

Inside, you could choose to synchronize your outdoor lighting with additional SYLVANIA smart bulbs but there are other options, too. Philips Hue is a popular smart lighting range with a wide assortment of bulbs, lamps and lighting fixtures and a dedicated developer community.

While Hue works with a range of smart home kit and controllers from other manufacturers (including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant), you will need a Starter Kit with the Philips Hue Bridge that connects to your router. The $69.99 Philips Hue White Starter Kit offers the cheapest entry point, bundling the bridge with two tunable white bulbs – but the resulting effects won’t be particularly spine-chilling.

Alternatively, a new $200 White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit arrives in October, packing the Zigbee-powered Hue bridge and four A19 RGB bulbs. It’s certainly not the cheapest smart lighting system available, but includes everything you need to create fantastic effects around the home.

For the porch, greet trick or treaters with the portable Philips Hue Go ($79.99), a rechargeable battery powered RGB lamp, supporting 16 million colors or tunable white light. The three-hour battery life is reasonably short, but will get you through the peak candy-throwing hours of the evening.

To raise the hair just a little higher, try combining your lights with audio effects, using the third-party Hue Halloween app (iOS/Android). Pair your smartphone or tablet with a hidden Bluetooth speaker, then run the app.

It triggers an assortment of dramatic lighting scenes on your Hue bulbs with accompanying, gruesome sound effects. Creaking doors, sinister footsteps, thunder and lighting, ghoulish groans, cackling witches and more. You can instruct the app to automatically play a continuous “scarescape” of themes and effects or put your mixing skills to the test with freestyle freak-outs.

It’s great fun for the kids (but definitely too scary for little ones) and, when paired with a Philips Hue Motion ($39.99), the combo offers real potential for spooking out the neighbors. Check out the video below which combines a Philips Hue Go lamp and Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker – both small enough to hide in a bush near the front porch, or behind the front door.

Once you’ve made that initial investment in smart home tech, you’re set for any holiday or special occasion. Experiment with different lighting schemes or preset themes from third-party apps to create a welcoming, festive or indeed spooky ambience around the home.

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