Nigeria's largest online digital library

Nigeria’s largest online digital library

Nigeria’s largest online library which was launched in Lagos last October has gained over two thousand members.

The platform by ‘Bambooks’ Limited is aimed at empowering local authors to get their works across a larger audience and make some money.

Founder and CEO of ‘Bambooks’, Ugo Okoye told Africanews that his team saw a big opportunity to bring African content and literature to Africans as well as Africans in the diaspora.
The platform basically allows members to have unlimited access to all the content on the platform. So if users or members want to read books on entrepreneurship or books on romance and fiction or religious books, they can find it there.

And, we head to Sierra Leone in West Africa where eHealth Africa is helping district and national health centers to collect data timely and efficiently to aid healthcare delivery.

Ignatius Annor reached out to Les De Wit, manager in charge of information systems at ehealth Africa based in Sierra Leone to find out more about its electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response System.

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