Medikal responds to Sister Debbie's 'Kakalika' jibe

Medikal responds to Sister Debbie’s ‘Kakalika’ jibe

Medikal and Debbie are said to have split with the former rumoured to now be dating actress Fella Makafui.

“My new girl in ass get obesity, Fella Makafui with the backside,” Medikal raps in the viral video shared on his Instagram page.

His now ex-girlfriend fired a broadside on a song titled ‘Kakalika Love’ (which translated to ‘Cockroach Love’), which talks about a man lying to his girlfriend by sneaking around with another woman.

Sister Deborah sings: “Oh me I’m calm. She no do me harm, Dey pain me give am, Coz he go take do am”.

Medikal in his latest riposte to the song on Instagram jabbed: “Wonnim odo di aa wose Kakalika,” which literally translates to: “If you don’t know how to express love don’t blame it on cockroaches”.

He also teased his new song titled Ayekoo which features Afro beats crooner King Promise.

The pair (Medikal and Sister Debbie) dated for close to two years despite a seven-year age difference.

At the time the two musicians said in separate interviews that they were not bothered by trolls who questioned the basis for their relationship because of the age difference.

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