Some managers take advantage of female musicians – Dancehall artiste

Some managers take advantage of female musicians – Dancehall artiste

Female dancehall artiste Tsoobi has said most upcoming female musicians struggle in their career due to some managers wanting to take advantage of them in exchange to help them financially.

Speaking to DJ Advicer on Happy FM’s ‘Ayekoo’ after drive show said, “Management issues are what delayed my career, it’s tough for the women. I don’t know about the guys but it’s not easy for the girls, in terms of sex in exchange for favours.”

“It’s not nice at all, someone will tell you to hold me down, and if you don’t hold me down how am I supposed to help you.”

“What he said to really annoy me was that if I will shoot your video for you, you have to be touching me, keep your hands on my tummy, my hair, play with my head and stuff like that and I was like ‘No that’s not right’,” she added.

Having said that, DJ Advicer asked if she was not interested in the personality or the idea of exchanging sexual favours for opportunities.

“The thing is if I choose to do it with you, that’s my choice but if I don’t want to do it and you force me to do it because you think you want to help then I’m sorry,” she explained.

“Sometimes I do but sometimes the people are hardheaded and they just want to take advantage of you,” she said, when asked if she gets money from performing at shows.

Tsoobi is a young talented female dancehall artiste with songs like ‘Holy Water’, Slow Down’, ‘Noko Agbo’, ‘Stronger’ among many others.


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