Was It A Serendipitous Trend? How I Became Famous Overnight – Emmanuel Hanson

Was It A Serendipitous Trend? How I Became Famous Overnight – Emmanuel Hanson

Just got several message from my whatapp and some selected social media platforms which suggested I was trending! Really! “I mean how?” “This can’t be”. The thoughts that gushed literally in my brains with my adrenaline pumping “Kuhuku hu ku!” abruptly kept me wondering. “What have I done?”! up thinking I have done something really funny or wrong that could even make hashtag “#Kamakazi or #Katiboom” of the number one (1) on the chart on Twitter was just not possible.

Then the unexpected happened. Just on my usual Thursday afternoon, getting some files together at my office and voila! ” Kleen! Kleeen! the phone bleeped!” How can you pick a flash call! I smiled! Well, I just peeked on my whatapp shortly and all of the sudden 4600+ messages unread! “That is unusual I thought for a moment!”

Well, it might be Senior Citizen Whatapp Page, or OVA Global Page or GUCCI SQUAD 2011? Still couldn’t figure out at that moment! So I decided to read the individual messages. On the list of the unread message was my friend Enyonam,a passionate event organiser and active on social media who rarely sends me images unless she has an event coming up or! Curiously, I downloaded it and I saw a snapshot tweet with an image of myself posed with the celebrated Digital Strategist, now Senior Director of Marketing for Fractured Atlas, whose famous tweet #OscarsSoWhitechronicled an organic follower over 125,000 worldwide, April Reign.

I smile and responded. “Nice, well spotted on with April. Are you part of the organizing team ths year?” I inquired. Then Dennis A. Ababio Jnro, CEO of Isports360 also sent me a series of whatapp status with that same images listed in no particular order! “eii!” It was Social Media Week Trend! Then I tapped to open the rest of the unread whatapp messages and most of my friends had sent me the same images. This awesome images, which tells a compelling story about the massive impact of Social Media Week in the world has captured the me on the lee of the Echo twitter page, a creating marketing agency specialized in digital marketing, among other.

Suddenly, I tapped my whatapp page and responded to most of the messages and opened my twitter icon on my phone!

Wow! #SMWAccra link. Unfortunately, it was rather Social Media Week trending! lolol…technically, I stood together with April Reign’s, as our attention were focused on my laptop which created a beautiful advert as fans retweeted as well as share. Nicene! I exclaimed. I smiled and thought about this piece, “Was It a serendipitous trend ? From nowhere to somewhere!

#SMWAccra gets better with an amazing moment to use @Twitter effectively and other platforms to enhance your interest in the society.
“Are you doing Business, Politics, Sports, or anything which requires audience/customers? Be part of this amazing experience!” That was exactly how everything started! Lololol….
Social Media Week is on again! Join me, together with millions of peers around the world to network and learn how to effectively use the tools of social media to advance our interest in society positively. 10th to 14th September 2018 (Accra Mall). Register Now! ” It may me you next time!”

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