Sell Africa To The World – James Gardiner

Sell Africa To The World – James Gardiner

Ghanaian actor James Gardiner has stressed that there is nothing wrong in selling Africa to the rest of the world.

Speaking on the Starr Drive with Berla Mundi and Giovanni Caleb, Gardiner noted he tries to project the continent everywhere he goes to give it a positive image.

Gardiner was recently in Mpumalanga, South Africa to have a feel of the Rainbow Nation’s numerous tourism spots.

According to him, the trip was worth it, adding that he never knew “having fun was going to be very tiring.”
For him, the most exciting part of the trip in South Africa was the fact that it was free and never got to pay for “anything” during his stay.

Touching on the issue of marriage, Gardiner said he has plans to marry, however, adding that some men “make it difficult [for women] to open up.”

Gardiner scolded men who enter into relationship with women and end up betraying the relationship, making it “difficult” for ladies to trust any man.

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