Another Gambian senior intelligence official arrested in connection with activist's murder

Another Gambian senior intelligence official arrested in connection with activist’s murder

The Gambia police announced on Monday that they arrested another senior intelligence official in connection with the April 2016 murder of activist, Solo Sandeng.

The death in custody of Solo Sandeng triggered a political movement that brought down the then president Yahya Jammeh, in power for 22 years.

The alleged torture and murder of the organizer of the United Democratic Party (UDP) had provoked uncommon demonstrations in this small landlocked West African country and encouraged a weak and divided opposition to unite against authoritarian rule.

About 20 members of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) are on trial or face trial for the murder of the ACTIVIST, who was arrested during a demonstration.

Police spokesman David Kujabie said Monday that NIA security chief James Mendy had been detained by police and was being investigated “in connection with the murder of Solo Sandeng”.

Nine other NIA members, including its former leader, Yankuba Badjie, are already being tried for their role in Sandeng’s murder. The trial is proceeding slowly: thirteen witnesses have been called.

Two other former intelligence officers, Ngora Njie and Shiekh Tijan Camara, agreed last week to become prosecution witnesses.


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