Kpandai: 200 Displaced; Rainstorm Damages 30 Houses

Kpandai: 200 Displaced; Rainstorm Damages 30 Houses

A massive rainstorm on Sunday has devastated properties including a nurses’ bungalow at communities in two neighbouring districts in the Northernr region – the Nanumba South and Kpandai – forcing many residents to evacuate from their homes.

Communities hard hit include Pudiya in the south where over 200 people were thought to have been affected by the disaster.

Nearly 30 houses and a compound occupied by health workers in the village were completely damaged when the rainstorm violently blew through the community at about 3pm drenching the neighborhoods in the process. Many properties were also partly ravaged.

The Assemblyman for Pudiya, Alhassan Ibrahim Bawah told Starr News some of the people are putting up with family and friends while others struggle to find accommodation.

“Some can have other places to join but I’m telling you others will have to find their own way including the nurses,” the assemblyman reports.
He could not say whether there was human casualty but said he had inform officials of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) who promised to visit the community with the District Chief Executive.

In the Kpandai district capital, the storm flogged many buildings including the only Senior High School, ripping apart roofing sheets of a girls’ dormitory.

The incident is likely to cause overcrowding in the already infrastructure deficient school as affected students already packing out their damaged dormitory to join colleagues.

Some of the girls, sources indicated, were already leaving campus to stay with friends. NADMO were not readily available to comment.

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