There was a point in my life that certain talks and knowledge almost shook my Faith. I was real bothered about certain assertions about the Faith I was in because of certain misrepresentations of it. Ever heard of the conspiracy theories of how the Romans got together to change certain things in the Bible? How they were so extraordinarily able to create the person of Jesus, who prior to these weird conspiracies never even existed? The amazing part is that whiles fighting hard to overcome the World and keeping their Vassals faithful, they had time to manipulate Biblical Prophesies (makes me roll my eyes and I really don’t know how to roll my eyes). Ever wondered why they didn’t choose the teachings of other vassal states but it had to be that of the Jews. Interesting question, right there!!
We are faced with the same issues with the African Heritage supporters. It is their ardent believe that, Christianity was a cooked up religion used to manipulate the Africans into submission. No doubt, Christianity could have been used. However, this usage doesn’t make it less authentic. In saying , The Christian Faith is not authentic because of how some ill-intending folks used it, is like saying Bread isn’t for eating because it had been used for cleaning for example. We should note that, it is in the Human nature to drive things in directions that will work for them. Religion has over the centuries been used to direct the course of the masses and we cannot limit it to Christianity. In fact, Let’s not forget the Chinese Confucianism, the Indian, Hinduism, Islamism, these all have underlining teachings that has some point influenced the Political reasoning of their times and still do. So if Max Weber says: Religion is the opium of the masses, it makes perfect sense.
However, in other to truly judge Christianity we need to understand the nature of its promulgator. He is everything Love, peace, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness. He is everything Faithful and true. So certain “followers” of his and I put “followers” in quotation marks because if they truly follow him, they wouldn’t do what they do or did, started the thirty years war between the Catholics and the Protestant or the Crusades in Jerusalem doesn’t change who Christ is. I can’t say that much for other religions. I am talking about the Faith I hold fast to.
Christians are daily mocked for believing in fairy tales, whiles these same hardened and seasoned logical thinkers turn towards Asian Spiritism and all sorts of beliefs which equally require some level of Faith. Trust me, Atheism included. In my late teens, after reading fictional stories about France since the “Grande Revolution “ in 1789, I realized they had decided God was illogical and given themselves to Science. Inadvertently, they hadn’t stopped believing in a god, but had turned their Faith to the god of science which the rest of the World have followed suit and now gotten itself in a rage; killing familial bonds which is the base of emotional strength . However, it has now silently also sunk into Christian teaching in the form of “individualism” and this is truly disturbing.
I am not here to argue that the Christian Faith is the most authentic faith ever( it is not competing with other religions). I am here to put it to you and anyone out there that; anyone who seeks to ridicule Our Faith in such a spiteful way is guilty of Self-righteousness as we have so much being accused of. The contention is we believe we are better than everyone and everyone will go to hell except us. Since, your conclusion is our thinking faculties are lesser, this means you are actually toeing our lines too, so we can be companions and mates as the Irish call it.
In spite of all this raging, what is the “but” (French word for point) of this write up? Let’s list it:
Do I believe Jesus is real and lived in a time and still lives? Yes
Do I believe he died for my sins? Yes
Do I believe he rose on the third day? Yes
Does he teach me to hate others? No
Did he teach the Whites to brutally demean us and make us hate who we are? No
Did they do that? Yes
They did it using religious means in some cases? Yes
Does that make it right? No
Does that change the fact that 2018 years ago , a Man named Jesus died for your sins and my sins? No
We would be wrong to totally discard something just because of external manipulations, it will make us very shallow!!

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