Save the Street Children – Play and Learn Foundation leads Street Love Project



The Play and Learn Foundation is embarking on their 4th edition of “Street Love Project “, an initiative to raise funds to feed and clothe about 500 homeless people at selected streets of Accra.

The 2018 edition is scheduled on 10th March 2018 with converging point at the National Theatre at 4am. The Foundation which have been supporting underprivileged children in the society is focused on using sports and education to touch the lives of homeless people in Ghana.

Play & Learn Foundation (PAL) brings together boys and girls who have a passion for play, a drive to lead, and a desire to pursue academic and professional excellence according to the foundation.

PAL based in Legon, has made a call on Ghanaians to help raise about GHS 7500 to feed 500 homeless people in Accra High Street, Art Centre, National Theatre and James Time.  They have also open up to the general public who wish to volunteer on the day by helping package the food and drinks, serve and share the meal, help collect data on the Homeless people with the aim of linking to other organisation to help them take them of the street, among others.

In 2014, myjoyonline reported that “90, 000 kids are homeless in Greater Accra Alone”. According to the United Nations 2005 Reports, the homeless people was estimated to 100million people worldwide.

Some of the major factors that accounts for increase homeless people not only in Ghana but in the world are: poverty, breakdown of family due to divorce, death or neglect, migration in search of greener pastures, physical and sexual abuse among others. Homelessness to a large extent is an urban phenomenon with children the most affected. While some of them are exposed to physical, verbal and sexual abuse from peers and even adults, they are exposed to other social vices. spotted some location in Accra where homeless people are prevalent. A per head counting of the selected areas are as follows as at 5am and 9pm.

Location Estimated number Age Selected reason
Opebea in Airport City (Close to Traffic light near  Silver Star Towers) 18 to 34 Children and Adult per day Between 8years and 18years ·       Deceased parents



Airport roundabout to Marina Mall avenue 5 to 11 Children and Adult 5years to 15years ·       Deceased parents


Accra Mall and Tetteh Quashie Environs 12 to 88 Children and Adult per day Between 2years to 46years ·       Migration to Ghana from Niger, Sudan, Mali

·       Deceased parents


Okponglo – University of Ghana traffic light 8 to 30 Children and Adult per day 2years to 52years ·       Migration to Ghana from Niger, Sudan, Mali,

·       Superstitious belief (Witches and Wizards)

·       Poverty

National Theatre 32 to 64 Children and Adults per day 2years to 58years ·       Deceased parents

·       Broken home

·       immigration


From the conversation with some of the children, the little girls and boys are often abused sexually with others left in the mercy of the adults beggars.

The General Public and NGO’s must work synchronously with the Social Welfare officers to help curb these menace in the Streets of the various regional capitals in Ghana.

Meanwhile, PAL seeks to provide opportunity where it is most needed. Play & Learn engages youth in programming that encompasses football and sport training, academic support, mentorship, and community outreach as declared by the foundation.



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