Are we closer to living on Mars?

Are we closer to living on Mars?

For decades, the idea of man being able to live on mars has excited many, especially the curious and adventurous individual. But the dream seemed far off and just maybe ,we could be doing that, only if a private project to make this possible gives the green light.

On Thursday,spatial astronauts ventured into the Oman desert to research and simulate living conditions on the planet Mars.

And history was made when an automobile was seen floating into space. South African-Canadian and US billionaire, Elon Musk stunned many around the world when he launched the world’s most powerful rocket called SpaceX Falcon Heavy.The rocket also carried with it a cherry red Tesla Roadster from the assembly line of Elon’s electric car company.

I’m still trying to absorb everything that happened because it seemed surreal to me.That was epic I think that was probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.

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