Many women of the 21st century has developed a bad attitude and had also concur to the negative perception and conception on breastfeeding due to funny reasons. But before I dive deeper, lets look at what the Bible says on Breastfeeding/Nursing; One of the names of God is El shaddai, El shaddai is a Hebrew word which means “El- strong one” and Shaddai-breast.  Why must God possess such a name, He is the provider and he provides for His children all the time the best of His produces
 *Psalm 22:9 reads” But thou art He that took me out of the womb: thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother’s breast”.* God saw how important breast milk is to a new born child, that is why He made it available for us when we were babies.

                                  But what do we see these days among our 21st century women. Breastfeeding and Proper breastfeeding has become a challenge for them and so children are dying out of certain strange diseases, and eventually when they grow older too, due to inadequate breast milk and improper way of breastfeeding when they were babies, they encounter so many deadly diseases and sicknesses which makes it difficult for Doctors to trace it and offer proper treatment for healing.
By happening so, died mysteriously out of a short illness. If you are here, been woman and you don’t breastfeed ur newly born children properly and at all, but alternate it with cow milk, pumping it into a bottle, etc, and feeding the child with it, it is a sin against God and very dangerous to the child’s health and to you the mother as well. God knew why He gave the wisdom to our great, great grandparents to put the nipple of the breast directly to the mouth of the child to suck it.
 *Now the question is*
 *1* . How do I breastfeed my child
 *2* . What is the importance of breastfeeding and
 *3* . How long should I breastfeed my child.
To be continued.
By: ALT. Dr. Eric. A. Mensah
Call: +2330546834164

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